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Custom Challenge Coins

First of all we all know that a challenge coin is described as a medallion or a coin that is small in size which bears the emblem or insignia of a particular company or organization. The members of the organization or company are the ones that get to carry the challenge coin so that it can symbolize a particular status of them in the company. Mostly, the challenge coin is given to a particular member of an organization as recognition of doing a certain thing better than anyone else in the organization or group. However, everything pertaining a challenge coins is known to have started with the military.

A standard issue of challenge coins was given to the military, but, since the desire to possess challenge coins had broadened over time, we found that civilian companies and groups started using them for their own benefits. When we add the word custom to the term challenge coin, we mean that the challenge coins are made and designed to meet the requirements of a particular individual or organization.

Custom challenge coins are considered to be quite special and acts as a way to encourage the team spirit in way that is seen as somehow unique. Artists are few, those ones that have the creativeness to be able to design challenge coin that is outstanding and fits the particular organization or company perfectly. If you already have a custom challenge coin then it can also be upgraded to standards that are much higher than the current one.

Companies and organizations, not all can be able to afford a custom challenge coin. This is because in most cases the equipment used to make these coins is considered to be state of the art. What this means is that the customization of a challenge coin will be a bit expensive that what would have expected. Also it will depends on the complexity of your design for the more complex it is the more work it will be required so that it can be produced.

While designing a challenge coin, one should not be confined to the notion that since it’s a coin it is a must for it to be round in shape. We have different shapes and also sizes that n organization or company can use design a custom challenge coin that represents their image perfectly. A variety of numerous colors can be chosen to attain a specific type of a custom challenge coin.

Some of the examples of companies or organizations that use custom challenge coins apart from the military are like schools, fire departments, businesses, police departments and also other government agencies. The companies that manufacture custom challenge coins for other organizations or groups are not that many.

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