Hippie Clothes: Three Must-Have Looks

Life was different in the 1960s and 1970s. Everything from the philosophy of life to the type of music that was playing centered on the hippie lifestyle. While being a hippie was about more than just the clothes that a person wore, these items did seem to be a large part of the subculture’s identity. Today, some of those same Hippie clothes are still in style and continue to be desired by a large group of consumers. There are a couple of key things that a person must have to be able to pull off the look.

Bell Bottom Pants or Long Skirts

If the plan is to wear pants, they’ve got to have a bell bottom. This larger opening at the bottom of the leg was a signature look and one that continues to remain popular with the hippie crowd. If pants aren’t an option, long skirts are another great choice. Bright colors and unique patterns ensure that a skirt really stands out and gets some attention. This doesn’t mean that shorts or even shorter skirts won’t work for the hippie look. However bell bottom pants and long skirts are ideal.

Psychedelic Prints

Anything can look like it belongs on a hippie is a psychedelic print. These patterns often come in bright colors and can be coordinated with other pieces. Tie-dye shirts are a great example of something that you’d see a hippie wearing. If that type of print isn’t available, look for items that have floral prints or other types of pictures that involve nature. Outfits often drew some inspiration from other cultures, including those of the Native Americans as well as some Eastern cultures.


Even the best outfits need some accessories to complete the look. A bright, floral-printed shirt and bell bottom pants are great. But, if you want to go for the full look, consider adding some accessories like a scarf, beads, or even a headband. These pieces coordinate with the others to create the complete hippie appearance. These styles continue to remain relevant and popular today despite that fact their roots can be traced back several decades.